Realizowane projekty

Innovative high efficiency power system for machines and devices, increasing the level of work safety in underground mining excavations (HEET II)

Innowacyjny, wysokowydajny system zasilania maszyn i urządzeń, podnoszący poziom bezpieczeństwa pracy w podziemnych wyrobiskach górniczych (HEET II)

Duration: lipiec 2020 r. - czerwiec 2023 r.

The aim of the HEET II project is to improve labour standards of miners and energy safety in the mines. Four main issues implemented in the project (single-wire energy transmission, wireless energy transmission, monitoring, management and communication, integrated composite monorail route) definitely provide an innovative solution for a highly efficient and safe electricity transmission system. The newly developed and constructed components in the HEET II when implemented will improve safety by minimizing electric shock hazard and by increasing reliability of the electricity network especially with regard to the reduction of energy costs and to improve energy safety in mines. The main part of the project is related to the transfer of electrical energy using two methods: Single-Wire Energy Transfer (SWET) and Wireless Energy Transfer (WET).

Total Budget: € 3,087,752.90

UE Contribution: € 1,852,651.74

“This international project is co-financed by the European Commision Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS) in the years 2020-2023; grant agreement no: 899469”.